Monday, March 6, 2017

Broken Links from Canadian History

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Architectural Conservancy of Ontario
Registered charity aiming to preserve buildings and structures of architectural merit and places of natural beauty. Publications, advisory board, membership form.
Canadian Association of Professional Heritage Consultants
Provides a directory of Canadian professional heritage consultants, calendar of heritage events, recommended reading and list of heritage conferences.
Heritage BC
Aims to conserve historic buildings and other heritage resources. Offers on-line guide to BC heritage sites and services, activities, advice on maintenance and conservation of historic buildings.
Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland
Descriptions and histories of registered heritage structures with images where available.
Heritage Manitoba
A place where small urban and rural communities in Manitoba can connect and find conceptual tools, guides and sample products to ensure that local heritage activities, projects and products attain high standards
Heritage Yukon
Organization of historical societies and museums in the Yukon.
North Shore Heritage Preservation Society
Promotes the conservation of historic buildings on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Quebec Heritage Web
A portal to the history and heritage of the various regions of Quebec, produced by the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN).


Flickr: Creepy Ontario
Photographs and discussions.
Taxi Mike - Ghosts
Sightings in a hotel in Banff, Alberta. Includes orb photos.


Anywhere: Ghost Towns / Abandoned Stuff
Contributed photos of Canadian ghost towns and abandoned buildings.
Ghost Towns of Canada Chat
Forum for discussion. Requires registration.
Ghost Towns of Western Canada Photo Gallery
A collection of photos of abandoned homes, churches, grain elevators, and other structures in the western provinces.
Stories, photographs, and history of ghost towns and abandoned structures in Ontario and Alberta, Canada.
Ontario Ghost Towns and Abandoned Places
Extensive collection of photographs, maps and directions, and short histories.
Wikipedia: Ghost towns in Canada
Ghost towns listed in Wikipedia.


Big Jim's Dive Charters
Charter operating out of Kingston, Ontario. Includes information on the boat, crew, prices, wrecks, and contact information.
Boating Georgian Bay - Ship Wrecks
Georgian Bay, Ontario shipwrecks. Videos available.
Cape Breton Nervous Wrecks Dive Club
Explore shipwrecks from the 18th century to modern times in the pristine waters of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
G+S Watersports Ltd.- Tobermory Dive Sites
Tobermory, Ontario dive sites for seeing shipwrecks. Full service dive shop
Great Lakes Wreckdiving
Anthony DeBoer's log of shipwreck sites around the Great Lakes.
The Niagara Divers' Association - Shipwrecks 2016 Index
Annual Shipwrecks Symposium. Numerous multimedia presentations by both world renowned and local speakers.
Ontario Explorer - Shipwreck Index
Ontario shipwrecks in an alphabetical list.
Ontario Scuba Diving
Descriptions of local shore, wreck and technical dives.
Paradise Cottages - Georgian Adventure Dive Charters
Describes diveable wrecks in the Georgian Bay, Ontario area.
Save Ontario Shipwrecks
Heritage organization promoting the study, protection and preservation of Ontario's marine history. Pictures and stories of shipwrecks in various bodies of water.
Sea-View Diving - Lake Erie Shipwrecks
The area around Long Point in Lake Erie, contains more than 200 shipwrecks. Long Point shipwrecks vary in depths from 15 feet to 195 feet deep.
Wreck Diving Kingston Ontario Canada
From the George A. Marsh, a three masted schooner to the Wolfe Islander II, a coastal freighter converted to a side entrance car ferry, Kingston has shipwrecks of all shapes and sizes.
Wreck Hunter
Terry Dwyer has been organizing diving expeditions to St. Paul Island since 1996. Nova Scotia.


Alberta Speleological Society
The recognized caving authority in the province of Alberta, dedicated to the exploration, study, and conservation of caves in the Canadian Rockies.
British Columbia Speleological Federation
The BCSF coordinates group activities in conservation, safety, rescue, exploration, education and technical expertise. Includes publications, code of conduct and group members.
Caves Of Ontario
A collection of photo's from Caves located in Ontario, Canada. Jeff Collens .
Caving Canada
Site started in April 1996 to promote cave conservation in Canada. Links and resources for cave explorers.
Friends of the Eramosa Karst
Working to enhance Stoney Creek's area of natural and scientific interest. (Ontario).
New Brunswick Caves
Cave hunting in New Brunswick.
New Brunswick Caving
Joel Smith's cave exploring.
Speleological Society of Manitoba
Involved in the exploration, research and conservation of caves and karst within the province.
Toronto Caving Group
Founded in 1967. Offers exploration trips, workshops, practice sessions and social events. Includes upcoming events, membership information, library listings, photo gallery and contacts.
University of Victoria Caving Club
Caving trips and training for students. Based in the University of Victoria, in Victoria, BC.
Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group
Information on local area, conservation, newsletter, contacts, meetings, cave rescue and karst management.


Photography blog about nature, wildlife, urban exploration and travel photographer Frederic Ansermoz. Canada and Switzerland.
The Bearded Canucks - YouTube
Adventuring around Alberta looking for abandoned places to explore.
Belle River Nation. Includes travel and urban exploration photography from eastern Canada and some US locations.
Canadian Road Signs - Flickr
A pgroup to share photos of road and highway signs throughout all of the provinces and territories of Canada.
Canadian Urbex and History |
Canadian (more Ontario) history and (urban, industrial, rural) exploration.
Corrosion: Industrial Archeology
Archived from Geocities. Explores the phenomena of urban decay through still and motion photography of (mostly) abandoned buildings, storm drains, and steam tunnels. Calgary-based explorations.
Demon Hotel
An abandoned apartment building in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Deviant Art: Abandoned Echos
Alicia, Canadian experimental photographer. Includes old and abandoned structures.
Drains Of My City
Showcasing urban exploration in Edmonton, Canada. Includes discussion forum, missions, pictures, and information.
Flickr: Abandoned Quebec
A group to share photos of abandoned urban and rural places in Quebec.
Flickr: Abandoned Saskatchewan
Rural Saskatchewan and signs that humans once were there.
Flickr: Canadian Industry
Everything from the CPR to Research in Motion labs in Waterloo to 4-story-high oil sands trucks to old factories on the lachine canal to Burtynsky-esque photos of slag heaps in the Shield to the tar pools in Sydney.
Flickr: Rural Canada
Pictures from rural areas in Canada, small towns, ghost towns and old buildings.
Flickr: Vanished Montreal
Vintage pictures of Montreal and buildings or things that are going to be demolished soon.
Flickr: Vanishing Vancouver
This group is for photos of disappearing aspects, or little fragments of Vancouver. Share photos of houses slowly falling apart, a building downtown facing the wrecking ball, or photos of some places that are already gone.
Forgotten British Columbia
Exploring BC's long forgotten past. To commemorate and re-discover abandoned and forgotten places in British Columbia.
Forgotten Ontario
Pictures of abandoned locations in Ontario and Alberta, Canada.
Halifax UrbEx
Halifax, Nova Scotia urban exploration blog. Buildings, tunnels and rural photographs.
Website on urban exploration, featuring a webring, dictionary, and many pointers.
Listings Canada: Urban Exploration
A directory with urban exploration sites in Canada.
Montreal's Abandoned Buildings
Descriptions and pictures of abandoned buildings in Montreal, PQ
Newfoundland Urban Exploration Society
Archive of original site from a Canadian group exploring abandoned sites of historical influence.
Night Photographer
A gallery of night photography capturing moonlit landscapes, abandoned places, lightning, fireworks. Larrie Thomson based in Edmonton, Alberta.
Panda Squad
Urban exploration team in Quebec and areas.
Pierre Bourgault
Collection of street photography, urban photography and travel photography. Based in Montreal, Quebec.
Psychogeography Society of Vancouver
Journeys through Vancouver with an interest in weaving history and convention.
Saskatchewan Church Buildings and Architecture - Flickr
Photographs of churches, parishes and other old buildings in Saskatchewan.
The only urban exploration site in Saskatchewan covering several locations in the province.
Under Montreal
Exploring the sewers and underground infrastructure of Montreal through photography, writing and maps.
Urban Exploration Alberta
Dedicated to the exploration of drains, tunnels, buildings, rooftops, mines, and bridge rooms, in Alberta, Canada.
The Urban Landscape Project
Urban exploration in Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal. Photographing the remarkable details of everything from construction sites, bridges, and modern architectural wonders to tiny features of derelict and decaying structures.
Urbex Playground
Urban and rural photography lovers. Based in Quebec, Canada.
Vanished Compass
Saskatchewan's abandoned and forgotten buildings. Includes ghost towns, hospitals, and industrial sites.
Urban adventure and exploration around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.